The Morris and Rosalind Goodman Family Foundation (MRGFF) is leading an initiative to provide Israelis of Ethiopian descent with the resources which will encourage sustainable success through education. By providing Israel’s best higher education, we ensure the fabric of Israel remains equal and strong into the future.


38 people from Europe, North America, and Israel embarked on a four-day journey to Ethiopia from November 14th to November 17th, 2022. The mission helped the Changemakers understand important elements such as the care olim (immigrants) receive in Ethiopia and Israel and how education has been and continues to be a key to success in Israel. Following their time in Ethiopia, the group had the opportunity to learn firsthand about the history and culture of the community, flying alongside new olim to Israel, accompanying them as they set foot for the first time on the soil of our Jewish state and reunite with family members who already made Aliyah. These Changemakers marveled at the 2500 years of there being Jews in Ethiopia and left reenergized in the push to help Israelis of Ethiopian descent thrive through access to Israel’s best education- a degree at either Tel Aviv or Hebrew University.

Other Resources

1st night of our joint Conference which featured a couple of live testimonials

Webinar: Leaders, Teachers and Sacred Texts: Ethiopian Jewry Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Recent Historical Facts

1975 – The Israeli government confirms that the “Law of Return” applies to Ethiopian Jews.

1979-1990 – A Mossad agent organizes the first journey of 32 Ethiopian Jews to Israel through Sudan. Their letters home inspire many Ethiopians to attempt the journey through Sudan on foot. The journey is filled with dangers, and during the 1980’s thousands of Ethiopians die en route to Israel.

1984-1985 – Operation Moses: Approximately 7,000 Ethiopian Jews arrive in Israel on 23 secret flights flying through Europe. Following a leak to the press about the operation, the Arab world is outraged and the operation is stopped. Numerous Ethiopians are separated from family members left behind in Ethiopia.

1985-1990 – The flow of Ethiopian Jews coming to Israel through Sudan is renewed. Through rescue missions by the Mossad, 1500 immigrants arrive to Israel. During a time span of 10 years, the Mossad helps close to 16,000 Ethiopian Jews through Sudan, not including those who came with Operation Solomon.

1989 – Renewal of diplomatic relations between Ethiopia and Israel: an Israeli embassy opens in Addis Ababa and Ethiopian Jews start arriving to Addis Ababa from surrounding villages.

1991 – Operation Solomon, May 25-26th, 1991: Within 36 hours, an unprecedented aliyah operation takes place and 14,310 members of “Beta Israel” are brought to Israel by air from Addis Ababa. During 1990-1993 over 30,000 Ethiopian Jews arrive in Israel.

2021 – Israel estimates that approximately 145,000 Ethiopian Jews are living in the State of Israel. The aliyah from Ethiopia continues today.


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